Friday, August 27, 2010

The Problem with Hell

I have MS and one day something short circuited and everything smelled like cheese. I mean everything: food, soap, shampoo, my car, my chair, my family - everything had this essence of cheese. Was some Dairy God sending me a message? Was this a cheesy sign? Should I worship at an alter of Limburger? The brain is a very messed up organ. It does things like make pretend places like hell possible. Thankfully the irritating symptom only lasted for about a week.

For us to survive as a species we have to engage in rational thought. That does not mean everyone has to completely deny the existence of a god, but only to accept that do to a complete lack of evidence there is most likely no god. Faith after all is just a feeling and like many other feelings, it could have more to do with the pizza you ate last night than something real.
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