Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Well ...

What happened to Podcast #3


Friday, May 28, 2010

ThunderCats - gone to the great scratch pole in the sky

As reported in Kotaku, Stephen Perry the writer and creator for the ThunderCats was murdered in Tampa Bay, Florida. The creepy thing is he was reported missing on May 20, 2010, when his van was found at a Tampa hotel with a severed human arm inside it. Police later discovered that his house had been ransacked and ...

"His roommates, James Davis (45) and Roxanne Davis (49), disappeared, but have since been arrested on unrelated charges, writes Tampa Bay Online. James Davis was picked up on drug trafficking charges, and his wife is charged with violating probation" - Kotaku

Perry was suffering from bladder cancer and had troubles paying medical bills due to a lack of health insurance. Sadly, he died before the republication of his comic, Time Spirits and a movie contract for the same title. It is widely known through the comic book community that James Cameron's Avatar is a direct ripoff of Perry's cat world creation.

Just take a look for yourself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bull Stops Here

According to the Huffington Post, the famous Spanish matador, Julio Aparicio was impaled through the bottom of the throat in a horrific goring. The injury left him in critical condition.

"[The horn] went though the tongue and penetrated the roof of the mouth, fracturing the jawbone," one of the medics who worked on Aparicio told AFP news in Madrid."

Warning Extremely Graphic

Click here to see pictures of the goring.

Click here to see a video of the event.

Daily Telegraph
Sky News

I bring you this story to highlight my general rules about animals:

1. Don't mess with animals. There's no reason why you need to mess around with an animal.
2. Don't torture, scare, injure, kill, mutilate an animal for entertainment.
3. There are only a few reason why you need to kill an animal.
A) The animal is going to hurt you or your family
B) The animal is food.
C) The animal is threatening the life of your livestock
D) The animal is crucial for the progression of medical research.
4. If there is a God, God did not put animals on this earth for your person sadistic entertainment.
5. Karma's a bitch and so is Mother Nature.

Pretty simple really.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chicken Lady Strikes Again!!!

Cluck .. Cluck .. Cluck

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Made a No. 2 - Political Fingers Podcast


Finally completed a number two and like an infant I'm quite proud of myself. I think I got a little better in this podcast .. who knows?
I start off talking about my favorite talk-radio personality. Rush (oxycodone) Limbaugh. Rush recently challenged President Obama to a game of golf and I had to comment about that.
My favorite musical paradoy about Rush. I'm a Nazi Song
Rush's 2006 trip to the Dominican Republic.
Next, I talked about Nevada Republican Sue Lowden who is trying to take Harry Reid's Senate seat.
Chicken Lady Lowden - How to barter with your doctor.
Executive VP Sue Lowden - Breaking the back of Unions - My time at the Sahara Hotel
JD Hayworth's run for John McCain's Senate seat.

JD Hayworth corrupt connections to Jack Abramoff. Donations made by Abramoff to Hayworth.
Washington Post has a story titled "U.S. risks China's ire with decsion to fund software maker tied to Falun Gong."
NPR's story on "Hawaii Law Shuns Obama Birth Document Requests" and on Birthers.
Played commerical about Creationist oposition to Alabama Republican candidate Bradley Byrne
I made through another podcast .. hope to do a new one soon .. thanks for your support

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy (late) Cinco de Mayo

From the sick mind of Robert Rodriguez, comes another great movie, Machete. Machete started as a fake trailer in the film Grindhouse. So happy Cinco de Mayo - Arizona Butt Wipes

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Reason I'm Agnostic

Sometimes, I wonder if there is any hope for humans. Why is it so hard for some to accept science? All one must do is look around them to understand the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jesus Loves the Racist

This is why I'm an Agnostic. Do I need to say anything else?

For Whom the Rig Blows

Almost two weeks ago (April 21, 2010) the Transocean oil rig, Deepwater Horizon exploded killing 11 workers and sinking the rig into the ocean. This rig was leased by British Petroleum (BP), the fourth largest oil company in the world. The oil rig has been leaking 5,000 barrels a day.

An enormous oil slick is now heading toward the shorelines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida and is killing birds, turtles and a variety of other wildlife in it's wake.

Who's to blame for this disaster and the tragic death of 11 workers? Is it BP which is known for other disasters such as, the Texas City refinery explosion and the Cherry Point explosion. BP also has one of the worst rates of human death of any oil company. Is it Transocean which has had it's own troubles with accidents? Just after the accident Transocean CEO, Steven L. Newman released the following statement:

"As the nation and everyone in the Transocean family mourns the tragic loss of these people, our deepest sympathies are with their families and friends today," said Mr. Newman. "Transocean is doing everything we can to meet their needs during this difficult time, and our family response team members are in close contact to provide all necessary support. I would once again like to express our gratitude to the U.S. Coast Guard, BP and everyone involved for their exhaustive search and rescue efforts, despite this very sad outcome."

Obviously the statement was crafted by a lawyer in conjunction with some public relations person. How many times have we seen this exact statement from other companies? Notice nowhere does Mr. Newman take any responsibility for the tragic (not difficult) accident, nor does Transocean say exactly what they're going to do for the families. Furthermore, Mr. Newman does not even express regret for the disaster, only mourns for the family. Are those crocodile tears I see?

No matter how apathetic or greedy these corporations are, I suggest that most of the blame neither rests upon BP or Transocean, but with "Drill Baby Drill". It's America's insatiable appetite for gasoline. We encourage companies to drill in deeper waters and in delicate environment. We give money to countries that promote terrorism and kill our soldiers with sophisticated, armor piercing explosives in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the cartoon character, POGO once said, "We've found the enemy and he is us."