Friday, May 28, 2010

ThunderCats - gone to the great scratch pole in the sky

As reported in Kotaku, Stephen Perry the writer and creator for the ThunderCats was murdered in Tampa Bay, Florida. The creepy thing is he was reported missing on May 20, 2010, when his van was found at a Tampa hotel with a severed human arm inside it. Police later discovered that his house had been ransacked and ...

"His roommates, James Davis (45) and Roxanne Davis (49), disappeared, but have since been arrested on unrelated charges, writes Tampa Bay Online. James Davis was picked up on drug trafficking charges, and his wife is charged with violating probation" - Kotaku

Perry was suffering from bladder cancer and had troubles paying medical bills due to a lack of health insurance. Sadly, he died before the republication of his comic, Time Spirits and a movie contract for the same title. It is widely known through the comic book community that James Cameron's Avatar is a direct ripoff of Perry's cat world creation.

Just take a look for yourself.


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