Thursday, May 13, 2010

Made a No. 2 - Political Fingers Podcast

Finally completed a number two and like an infant I'm quite proud of myself. I think I got a little better in this podcast .. who knows?
I start off talking about my favorite talk-radio personality. Rush (oxycodone) Limbaugh. Rush recently challenged President Obama to a game of golf and I had to comment about that.
My favorite musical paradoy about Rush. I'm a Nazi Song
Rush's 2006 trip to the Dominican Republic.
Next, I talked about Nevada Republican Sue Lowden who is trying to take Harry Reid's Senate seat.
Chicken Lady Lowden - How to barter with your doctor.
Executive VP Sue Lowden - Breaking the back of Unions - My time at the Sahara Hotel
JD Hayworth's run for John McCain's Senate seat.

JD Hayworth corrupt connections to Jack Abramoff. Donations made by Abramoff to Hayworth.
Washington Post has a story titled "U.S. risks China's ire with decsion to fund software maker tied to Falun Gong."
NPR's story on "Hawaii Law Shuns Obama Birth Document Requests" and on Birthers.
Played commerical about Creationist oposition to Alabama Republican candidate Bradley Byrne
I made through another podcast .. hope to do a new one soon .. thanks for your support

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