Monday, August 17, 2009

What the Health Care?

First - Healthcare reform without a public option is no healthcare reform at all. That's as far as the debate has gotten. I would like to talk about the intricate details of healthcare, but there's nothing more to talk about. The whole country has stopped to have a small conniption about a black American president.

So, let's talk about the walking retards of the country that make up the Republican party and why they're freaking out about Obama.

Republican are afraid. They're so afraid they've piddled in their Depends. To help them overcome this cowardly fear, they worship guns and even bring weapons with them at political events (Seacoast Online) (MSNBC). This serves another purpose of intimidating anyone who might disagree with them.

Republicans don't trust Blacks and Hispanics (The Guardian) (Newsweek). More to the point, Republicans can tolerate Blacks and Hispanics as long as they know their place, but if they threaten White Power then it's time for them to bring out the guns.

Republicans have low intelligence. There's just no arguing this point. It's just true.

Republicans suffer from a number of mental disorders:

Cognitive Dissonance - Example: A Republican sees herself as a good Christian, but then does not want children to have health insurance because it might raise taxes. Therefore, poor children are not loved by Christ. (ABCnews)
Rationalization - Example: I fear Muslims so they must be bad people. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
Projection - Example: Republican men cheat on their wives because gays are immoral.
Emotional Reasoning - God told me through a feeling that I must hate the gay. (Politico)
Dehumanization - The Birthers argue that Obama is not an American citizen so he is not one of us. He's an outsider - even though he grew up in the United States.


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