Sunday, October 25, 2009

I would poop you a rainbow

I am 43 years old. This may not be John McCain old, but I'm old enough to know what I want and what I don't want. I know what I like and don't like. And most importantly I know what is right.

As a Progressive, I believe every American has the right to affordable medical care and medication. It's that simple. I know the Trigger Option is a bunch of bullshit. I know insurance companies want me either to be perfectly healthy or die.

I know we went into Iraq to steal their oil and setup a colonial base in the Middle East. I know we need to withdraw our troops as soon as possible. I know we can never win the war in Afghanistan and I know terrorist can setup camp in virtually any place in the world.

I know the Katrina disaster was the biggest American culling of a single race since the Trail of Tears. The criminal lack of support and aid was intentional and probably had something to do with an enormous land grab scheme I know we need to spend billions to repair and resettle the original inhabitants - not only in New Orleans but across the Gulf Coast.

I know banks are dens of thieves and they committed the biggest robbery in world history. People need to go to jail and I mean a lot of people.

Finally, I know Republicans will never cooperate on anything. I'm old enough to separate people who are my friends and those who are douchebags. I know once a person is a douche always will that person will be a douche.

I beginning to think President Obama does not have any firm convictions. He is farshimmelt.

Is he for the Public Option or is he against it? Is he for pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Does he really want to close down Guantanamo? He says he wants to help the victims of Katrina, yet he spends less than four hours in New Orleans.

Obama says the banks screwed America over, yet he hires all former bank employees to run the Treasury.

Back - way back in the 80's, we old folks had a saying, "Gas, Grass or Ass", which in simple terms means - we drove Obama all the way to the White House, now he needs to start putting up or shutting up. I'm not interested in any more speeches. His speeches, which used to inspire me now only serve to piss me off.

Make a decision and stop shitting me rainbows.


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