Monday, November 2, 2009

It is Sunday night - well really it is Monday morning, even with the time change. But who cares? This post is just a hodgepodge of stuff to flush down the political toilet before the week begins. So, if you're ready here it goes:


"It hasn't been a great year for democracy in Africa" - Reed Brody, an officer at Human Rights Watch, on the Mo Ibrahim Foundation's decision not to award its annual 5 million dollar prize for good governance to any African government. - source

Dinka youthImage by daveblume via Flickr


Yes, Africa is sucking ass right now. There are Zimbabwe Conflict Diamonds, Egyptian Trash Pigs, Somali Pirates, Red Cross Kidnapped in Sudan, Guinea Blood, and Chad Kills Aid And this is just today's news.

I know Africa is big - I mean really big, but it seems like the whole continent has gone down the crapper. Africa has all it needs to be healthy and wealthy. When will Africa finally free itself from the chains of colonization or corporations?

Soccer - South American Style

Soccer players are leaving South America faster than Tony Tirado can say, "Goooooooal". Who could blame them? A couple of weeks ago and entire soccer team from Columbia was kidnapped and killed.

Robinho a Brazilian soccer star had just signed a contract with Real Madrid when his mother was kidnapped by armed thugs and held for ransom. Robinho reportedly paid $83,000 for his mother's release.

Grafite's, another soccer player from Brazil, mother was kidnapped soon after the abduction of Robinho's mother.

Argentinian player, Juan Roman Riquelme's brother was kidnapped in 2004 and held for 24 hours until the ransom was paid by the family.

Kidnappings and armed robbery against soccer players is rampant all across South America and Mexico. Soccer players are packing up their balls and families and moving to Europe and England where it's safer and more profitable.


"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way" - Keith Bardwell, justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, explaining why he refused to marry of mixed race couple.

If a person feels obligated to say they're not a racists, chances are they're a racist. It's just that simple.

Other Stuff

There is no such thing as money.

The real trouble starts when China starts getting involved in Kashmir.

If Hamid Karzai was in Vegas he'd be the front man for a mob run casino.


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