Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy is as Crazy does

Everything went bat shit crazy today in America.

Michele Bachmann
, Congressional skank from Minnesota unleashed a cornucopia of retards on Washington DC. She told the throng of lobotomy candidates to storm the congressional halls and "scare" their representatives.

Fortunately, half were so old (most on socialized medicine called Medicare) they could not make it up the steps. The rest were too stupid to find the building and ended up rolling in the grass and sniffing each others anuses.

Still a few were mentally and physically capable of getting themselves arrested outside of Nancy Pelosi's office. Threatening a member of Congress is always a good thing to put on one's job application. Shows you play well with others.

Like all Tea Bag events there was no end to the number of offensive, combative, and racist signs and chants.

Sadly, this was not the top story in the new Insane America. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a military psychiatrist walked into Fort Hood's Soldier Readiness Center and emptied two hand guns into his fellow soldiers. So far 13 soldiers are dead and many are wounded. Hasan is said to be wounded but still alive.

The details are very sketchy at this point (several hours after the event) and I'm sure you're are already aware of the tragedy so there's no point in rehashing it here.

But here's what I think is happening. We're going crazy. After eight years of George W. Rat Turd and Dick Smacker Cheney, Americans have completely lost any connection to how normal people are supposed to act. I would call it mass aberrant behavior, but aberrant behavior is stuff that happens outside of social norms. I can't think of anything .. anymore that's considered outside of the acceptable.

An old treatment (and still used today) for cancer is ingesting arsenic. The theory being that cancer cells are weaker and less resistant than normal cells. So, you give just enough poison to kill the cancer cells but leave the normal cells alive.

I think something similar is happening to us. You can see it - right? The damaged people, the weak minded, socially inept, emotionally disabled are starting to unravel. This is the start to a much bigger problem.

The question is - what is the poison that killing our society?

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