Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Car Signs

As I'm driving down the road I am sometimes amazed at the crazy stuff people on their cars. Here are three examples I captured with my cell phone:

Every Iranian, excuse me Persian I've ever known is so damn proud of being Persian. Persians are more proud of their culture than anyone. To them, if it ain't Persian it ain't worth crap.

Here is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It's not enough for this Persian guy to have a convertible Porsche. Oh no, not for this Persian. He must also put a huge picture of the Persian state steal on the side of his car. God love em. There is nothing like em in the world. The emblem links to a website - Persia1.org. The guy who owns the car is Majid Majidian.

This one is a little hard to see, but on the back of this car in big letters is the title of his company. Dr. Doo (business must be closed - web address is dead) .. profession dog crap picker upper. Now I have no problem with a guy making a living and certainly there's a need for a good doo cleaning service. What I found funny is that just below this giant Dr. Doo, his license plate reads UKLIFE .. which I guess means something about the University of Kansas .. To me it just meant, "UK the Home of Dr. Doo." I mean no offense. I'm sure this guy is a hard worker and certainly a fan of UK. And no offense to the University of Kansas - although their basketball team could use some help.

The extent a retarded Tea Bagger will go to show his complete lack of class always amazes me. Here we have a Hummer, of all things, with the phrase, "Take Back America" and below it "Beelzebub: Obama". I guess he means Beelzebub the demon. Is he using Beelzebub as some kind of verb? But then why the colon? .. Is Beelzebub addressing Obama in a kind of letter? Is Beelzebub like a club and Obama is a member? Is he asking a question like Beelzebub? and hoping Obama will answer it?

The "Dump Reid" is typical of transient Californians who move here to escape the taxes. We Nevadans call em "Stiffs", because they come here with a suit and a dollar and neither gets changed.


Car Signs said...

Not a fan of the Hummer either, Obama is the President, people need to respect the position!

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