Friday, July 9, 2010

Parking Wars

As I mentioned before I have MS. There are a lot of really bad things about MS but one of the benefits is that I have a handicap placard. So, when it's hot and my muscles are all locking up I get to park close to the nice cool entrance.

Yea for me! However, there is one place I frequent almost every day and almost every day a non-handicap person parks in the handicap zone- usually in the last available space. This forces me to use the parking lot across the street - walking in the 110 degree heat.

Boo for me - right. Okay, I don't mean to rant but this person is a gymnast instructor and her brood of kids are gymnasts. Literally, they come out bouncing, flipping and cartwheeling to their gas guzzling SUV, jump in the car and speed off. They do this almost EVERY DAY!

So, now I've started to take pictures of the offending car. I've provided an examples. See the infidels!! What's worse is her license plate clearly says "*gymnst" and there is her gymnastic school sticker on the window.

When I bring this up to my friends they tell me to report her or call the police. The sad fact is that I am too lazy to do that. Plus, there would be a confrontation and even though I'm in the right - it's just not worth the effort. Why bother? And my other disabled brothers and sisters that park there have remained as silent as me.

So, I sit here drinking a diet Dr. Pepper in a dark room, typing on a computer and simmering in self-hate.


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