Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson Is Not Racist, He's My Friend

I think it is time to read from the tome of Terrell Owens:

"Like my boy tells me; if it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.”

“When I'm around him, he tries to downplay it, like everything is cool, ... But I'm not sure it is.”

“I don't think so and I'm just being honest.”

"I never had any run in with the law."

"Everybody is not going to be squeaky clean."

"I feel like I know it is from my heart and God knows it is for a good cause, it is not necessary to be made public."

"on-the-field heroics will far outweigh any off-field criticism."

"then he needs to get his sense of humor checked."

And those are the wise words for Mel Gibson from our friend and sage TO.

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