Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Duesh Bag Brigade

Robert Millage of Kamiah, Idaho simultaneously was the first person to shoot a wolf in the lower 48 states and be awarded the biggest duesh bag in Idaho. Millage a real estate agent, who is not affected by the wolf population killed the animal because it's illegal to kill people.

Millage fits the typical profile of a major duesh bag. Self centered, narcissistic and generally a violent, malicious asshole. The dude thinks God put wolves on Earth for him to shoot. As I said before I've nothing against hunting. People got to eat - so animals got to die. This is the nature of things. It's perfectly fine with me if a person kills a deer as long as they eat the meat.

Being an agnostic, I can only hope there is some karmic equalization and Millage ends up as some second hand prison bitch. He already has the gay goatee.

To me there's no difference between Robert Millage and the Tea Baggers who protested today in Washington DC.

As the New York Times put it:

A sea of protesters filled the west lawn of the Capitol and spilled onto the National Mall on Saturday in the largest rally against President Obama since he took office, a culmination of a summer-long season of protests that began with an opposition to health care and grew into a broader dissatisfaction with government. Thousands Rally in Capital ...

The New York Times should know better. This has nothing to do with health care nor is it about big government. Were there any protests from these retards when Reagan grew the deficit? This is clearly about racism. As one HuffingtonPost blogger put it, "It's a KKK rally without the hoods."

I don't know if I would put it that strongly, but certainly if you look at the crowd it is all white and they're concentrating almost exclusively on Obama. Racism definitely plays a major role, but I think more importantly is a loss of civility and community.

These are people who do not consider themselves Americans. To put it another way, they see a white America and a colored America. And now that a colored America has taken over, they want to separate - secede from the Union.

This racist feeling has been justified and sanctified by politicians and so-called news networks like FOX. Texas governor, Rick Perry has toyed with the idea of succession- even while his administration takes in millions of dollars in federal money.

I believe it stems from a damage image of self. (I mean this sincerely) I wouldn't doubt if many of these people were either physically, mentally or sexually abused as children. The projection of hate and distrust is simply not rational.

These people have a kind of toddler's image of themselves. They see the universe revolving around them. All of their problems, concerns and frustrations stem from an external force.
Millage believes the wolf has in some way offended or insulted him. Maybe it was because he read that a wolf somewhere killed a sheep. Who knows - but Millage has internalized this as something personal enough to go kill a wolf.
The same can be said of the Tea Baggers. They for some reason think that Obama has personally hurt or offended them in some way. That out of 300 million Americans, Obama has targeted them personally.
At the heart of it, it is some kind of mental illness.


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