Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knock ... Knock

(stepping into the White House) .... Hello (knock knock) ... Hellooooo ... anyone there? (Seeing Red Phone on desk, I pick it up)

Mr. President? ... Ummm .. Barack, are you there buddy? I need to talk to you.

Oh you're in Denmark trying to get the Olympics for Chicago ... okay ... but I just wanted to tell you that your health care bill - you know the one Ted Kennedy died trying to get through ... that one ... well, it just went to hell in a hand basket and ...

Well, you're not here in Washington and maybe that's why five Democrats thought they could vote "no" on the public option. I know it's not real important to you.

Me? Well, it's kinda important to me - with my eye falling out and all. But you got better things to do - like have a big party in Copenhagen.

You don't say ... Copenhagen is the "Most Livable City" according to Monocle magazine. Well, that's probably due to universal health care .. right?

No .. no sir .. I'm not trying to be a smart ass.

Well, what's wrong sir is there is no public option in the health care bill. As a matter of fact five of our own Democrats along with all the Republicans voted the public option down.

I did speak to Rahm, but he told me to stuff the public option up my ... well, it's not important. I was just hoping that when you got back you could ...

Oh, you're going golfing with Ron Williams, CEO of Aetna ... No, I don't think he'll allow the public option even if you say pretty please.

Okay .. you got to go ... sure, you'll see me in 2012. Ya know, Mr. President - I'm going to have to go ahead a take a pass on that one. I think I'll be too busy to cast my vote that day.

(thinking) I wonder what Ralph Nader is up to?


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