Friday, September 25, 2009

In the Shadows

The following is a list of conspiracy theories I believe are true. Not that I know they're true but I'm over 80% certain they're true. Fair enough ... Okay, here we go

1. The CIA is involved in the illegal drug trade 95% (source)
2. There was a male prostitute that visited the George W. Bush White House 98% (source)
3. The United States used chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians. 99% (source)
4. Michael Savage was a homosexual drug user. (87%) (source)
5. Oswald was not the only shooter in the Kennedy assassination 81% (source)
6. Blackwater conducted assignations around the world on Dick Cheney's orders 91% (source)
7. Mars has primitive life living on the planet now. 92% (source)
8. Mike Connell's (IT expert for Karl Rove) plane crash was no accident 80% (source)
9. The DC Madam's suicide was no suicide 84% (source)
10. President Bush used a communication device during the 2004 debate 95% (source)
11. InfraGard is the United States' KGB unit and gathers info on citizens. 84% (source)
12. Ronald Reagan traded arms for hostages in Iran Hostage Crisis. 90% (source)
13. Member's of Yale's Skull & Bones stole Geronimo's skull 80% (source)
14. United Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 83% (source)
15. Oliver North drafted a secret plan to declare martial law 93% (source)
16. The Soviet military build up and threat was a lie. 87% (source)
17. In 1975 the CIA overthrew Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam 92% (source)
18. Paul Wellstone's, Senator from Minnesota plane crash was no accident. 80% (source)
19. Where ever John Negroponte goes there is death and destruction 85% (source)
20. Royal Dutch Shell was involved in the murders of native people. 92% (source)

There you have it.


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