Friday, September 18, 2009

What health care plan?

I thought when Obama saw Baucus health care plan he was gong to be like:

Hey Buttcus what the hell is this? (waving plan in the air). Are you shitting me? (smells the papers) This plan stinks so bad I think it came out of your ass.

But that's just not the case. Obama says - although he prefers the government option, he has left the door open to a scaled-back compromise. What door? Oh you mean the back door. Cause that just where guys like me are going to take it - in the back door.

Look, I like you Obama. I voted for you and I even campaigned for you. But if you don't have the guts to support a government option then just shut the hell up. Please, don't embarrass yourself any further.

Maybe you haven't read the bill. I have .. and it is the worst piece of crap. I would rather you just did nothing. Really, just blow it off - The Baucus plan makes my life so much worse and it already is a piece of crap.

I think you've already forgotten the little people. You know the people who got you elected. Maybe it's the beer and the cigars - maybe it's taking up golf instead of basketball. I don't know, but you need to get your head together and kick Baucus in the ass and start all over - start with universal heath care and stick it to the Republicans.

Good day sir ... I said good day ..


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